Protect the entire body when using agrichemicals



Working closely with chemical products can be very dangerous if you do not take appropriate protective measures.

In the agricultural sector, agrichemicals and pesticides are harmful to life and health, so,  specific agricultural kits  have been placed on the market. 

The PPE required protection level, according to European standards is Category III. In the case of protective suits, this category is further divided into 6 types depending on the actual chemical exposure the user is subjected to. The first two types are usually not used in agriculture, while there are various pesticide spraying kits available on the market which contain from type 3 to type 6 protective suits. Refer to relative European Standards to find out exactly which type of protection is required for the jobs you need to perform.

Is only respiratory protection required when working with chemical products?

Respiratory protection is certainly indispensable, and Respiratory Protective Devices must be equipped with activated carbon filters which need to be replaced when they become saturated or according to a specified filter service life change schedule. An old, saturated  filter is contaminated and using such a filter is so dangerous that  it is actually worse than not using a RPD at all. Moreover, before using new filters the expiry date always needs to be checked to make sure they are still effective.

Moreover, filter labels are colour marked, contain pictograms and letters that indicate the filter type and class which, in turn,  identify which chemical substances that particular filter protects against. 

But , when spraying pesticides, respiratory protection is not enough – the head, face and body should also be protected , and, to this purpose, pesticide spraying protection kits containing a face mask, gloves and a protective suit are provided.   Protection kits are also available for workers with beards or those who wear glasses and who may have difficulty fitting face masks properly.

When low risk chemical products are employed, washable, reusable protective suits may be used for short term jobs, while, if the risk factor rises, disposable protective suit , to be discarded at the end of the working day, are to be worn.

Kasco srl, produces an Kit Agri Professional for the protection of the head, face and body from harmful particles and chemical splashes.