The benefits of using power assisted respiratory protective devices equipped with face masks

0323024-L8 ZENITH1 M3_904x603When choosing respiratory protective devices it is advisable to prefer the powered versions equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Respiratory Protective Devices fall within the macro category of PPE, personal protective equipment, and range from the most simple masks to the more sophisticated models, equipped with inhalation and exhalation valves for protection against even the finest particles .

Face masks are recommended and are often even mandatory for workers involved in activities which expose them to unhealthy working environments.
Among the most effective masks are those equipped with filters (particle, gas, etc) which, as the name suggests, filter the surrounding air removing any harmful substances present in the atmosphere.

The latest technologies are paying more and more attention and care to the planning and design of protective masks in order to make them lighter and more comfortable.
Comfort is thus combined with efficiency and this comes about when the filters are an integral part of the mask thereby reducing unnecessary volume.

To be really effective, protective masks should also be manufactured of hypoallergenic materialThe use of innovative, soft, odourless, long lasting  materials  are also preferred.

Long life is just one of the basic requirements provided by these masks. The need for maximum filtering efficiency and ease of breathing are others. It is therefore essential that the filters be replaceable, and are actually replaced after a certain number of working hours so as not to jeopardize the efficiency of the mask.

Another essential component for these devices are the batteries. These should be highly reliable because if they were to discharge while working in a particularly hazardous environment the resulting damage to the respiratory system could be serious and irreversible.

Therefore when choosing a product, priority should always be given to powered protective masks equipped or supplied with rechargeable batteries.

The powered respiratory protective devices incorporating full face masks produced by Kasco srl are equipped or supplied with rechargeable lithium batteries and battery chargers.