What Personal Protective Equipment is required and which safety precautions are to be taken when using and handling pesticides?


The correct use and cautious handling of plant protection products are the main precautions to be implemented for the protection of the workers and the environment in which these products are used. The protective devices available for use when handling and spraying pesticides, first and foremost, provide for the protection of the respiratory system, this being the first part of the body likely to be contaminated and therefore in need of protection.

How to protect the body during the use of plant protection products

That said, the rest of the body also needs to be carefully protected when handling pesticides. Moreover, directives and regulations worldwide specify that all necessary personal protective equipment needs to be readily available when using pesticides.  Said protective equipment includes:

  • Face mask and filters for the protection of the respiratory tract
  • Protective suit with hood
  • Gloves
  • Protective Eyewear

Equipment for plant protection products storage depots

Plant protection products storage depots need to be equipped with devices for dosing products, such as scales and/or graduated cylinders, which need to be carefully stored in a specific area of the depot. These devices are to be kept and used solely for plant protection products, and subjected to periodic calibration in order to make sure they function properly.  Products such as brushes, palettes, plastic bags and bins for the cleaning,  collection and disposal of inert material such as vermiculite or sand must always be present in the depot. Powder and foam fire extinguishers should be kept at hand as these are the first emergency devices to be used in case of fire and/or chemical product leakage. However, in case of fire, you need to call the fire brigade as soon as possible.

Personal protective equipment, namely, masks, filters, protective suits and eyewear as well as gloves for use in the depot are to be kept outside the depot.

The required PPEs need to be stored in a locker located outside the chemical products storage depot so they can be donned before entering.

In addition to a range of  Respiratory Protective Devices, KASCO offers a line of complementary products and spraying kits which include gloves and protective suits for protection against chemical products.