Why protect the respiratory system when spray painting

Workers are exposed to various chemical agents when painting. It is therefore essential to protect the respiratory system with specific devices, as required by the European Regulations.

There are substantially two types of paint: powder and liquid where the latter is further divided into solvent based or water based.

Harm caused by the substances inhaled while painting.

The products used when painting contain toxic substances such as pigments (cadmium, lead, cobalt), binding agents (isocyanides) and solvents (toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol). If inhaled these chemicals can cause serious damage to workers’ health – from irritation and sensitization, to allergic rhinitis and asthma, and to more serious diseases such as obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

Which PPE are to be used to protect oneself adequately

When painting it is vital to protect the respiratory system by wearing specific devices, as required by the European Regulations. These devices are equipped with filters/cartridges to filter the air and prevent the inhalation of toxic substances. The best products for this purpose include full face masks equipped with filters, powered air purifying and supplied air respirators with full face masks or helmets. The respirator blower unit draws air through the filters/cartridges and conveys the filtered air to the inside of the helmet. Among the different personal protective equipment the most suitable are those with a compact and lightweight blower unit. The respirators equipped with half masks typically cover the mouth and nose – they are soft and easily adjust to the face. Respirators with full face mask cover the entire face. There are also powered air filtering respirators where the blower units convey filtered air to the inside of the face mask/helmet through a breathing tube and also compact versions with filters mounted directly on the helmet for the protection of the worker’s head, ears, face and neck. Thanks to continuous research, Kasco has specialized in the production of numerous innovative, high-quality and technologically advanced respirator. Furthermore, Kasco currently distributes the CleanSpace 2 Respirator which has an innovative breath-response system so as to save battery life.