Working in a chemical laboratory: These are the PPE to use


Operators and professionals who work in chemical laboratories daily are constantly exposed to potentially toxic and harmful substances, reason for which the law enforces specific safety standards to minimize the risks associated with these substances and protect the health of workers.

The need for and use of PPE

Being constantly at risk, workers handling hazardous substances are required to use specific personal protective equipment, specially made to prevent possible damage to health.

Workers who carry out their activities in a chemical laboratory, face risks of different types, nature, severity and impact, including explosions, direct or indirect contact with highly infectious and contagious material,  contact with toxic, carcinogenic, corrosive or inflammable substances as well as the risks of inhaling them. These everyday risks generate the need and legal obligation,  to protect against these dangers with special preventive and protective measures that will annul or reduce direct contact and possible inhalation, safeguarding the health of workers by restricting the possibility that the workers themselves  become vectors of the infection/contamination in question.

Among the first protective measures to be adopted is to wear protective glasses and masks with side shields, visors to protect the face, special gloves to protect the arms from allergies, heat, frost, chemicals and pathogens, as well as gowns and aprons, to protect the body from corrosive substances.

The respiratory system needs to be protected

Harmful substances, toxic or infectious agents can very easily be conveyed to the respiratory system through inhalation.  It is, therefore essential to use masks that cover the nose and mouth. These mask can be simple models for protection from particles only to powered respiratory protective devices equipped with specific interchangeable filters for protection against a variety of different hazardous substances.

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