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New PAPRs with Full Face Mask: e-T5/e-M3 series

We are proud to present our new PAPRs with Full Face Mask.

The e-T5 and e-M3 Air Systems feature an innovative blower unit with coreless motor and electronic board.

Both systems are able to provide a constant air flow of > 200 l/min for the whole work cycle and allow the user to know when the battery is running out and the filter is clogged (visual led + acoustic alarm). The Air Systems can be combined with either the VENUS1 or the ZENITH1 Full Face Mask to offer a solution capable of meeting the highest protection and comfort requirements.

The e-T5 blower unit can be comfortably worn on the belt next to the battery and is connected to the mask by means of a new type of breathing hose with a 90° degree angle.

The e-M3 blower unit instead connects directly to the mask and the filter is on one side; this blower unit is the lightest in our range and gets powered by the battery via a thin cable that does not constrain the user in his movements.