COMBINATION FILTER A2P3 for Cleanspace2™, EX and ULTRA (PAF-0077)

SKU: PAF-0077

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    Combined filtration against:

    Organic gases and vapors (with boiling temperature above 65 ° C) and inorganic acids.
    Particles generated mechanically and thermally: dust, mists and fumes from welding, grinding and sanding
    Sold individually

    Necessarily requires filter adapter PAF-0038 (PAF-0078 for Cleanspace EX)

    Famiglia merceologica

    Cleanspace Range


    Agriculture/Nursery/Garden, Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Food, Construction/Renovation, Fire prevention/Emergency, Painting/Sandblasting, Pest control/Cleaning/Sanitation, Petrochemical/Refineries, Plant maintenance, Welding, Wood working, Working with fibreglass/minerals, Working with paper / glass