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    An important innovation in personal respiratory protection devices: an ultra-light and compact control unit provides fresh, clean air on demand during breathing. This unique method in personal respiratory protection equipment offers significant benefits to operators in both the industrial and agricultural sectors.

    Complete product consisting of:

    1. Control unit kit (code PAF-0034)
    2. Silicone mask (choose the size between Small (code PAF-0033) and Medium (code PAF-1010) and Large (code PAF-0027)

    Video: Cleanspace2 Respirator

    The kit consists of:
    Control Unit, Charger, Dust Filter, Flow Test Cap, Head Harness, Neck Pads (2), Carrying Bag

    In combination with a half mask (PAF-0033, PAF-1010, PAF-0027) it forms a complete electro respirator.

    The air purified by the filter enters the half mask on demand, i.e. when the operator breathes. This improves comfort and optimizes battery use. The air exhaled by the operator and the excess air is expelled outside through the exhalation valve.


    Respirators certified according to international regulations
    Breath-activated on/off operation
    Provides positive pressure inside the mask, with an intrinsic pressure sensor that regulates airflow to avoid possible contamination
    Ergonomic Design: Compact with no wires, cables or hoses to drag around


    Air flow: up to 200l/min, 3 selectable speeds
    Power: The respirator is powered by the rechargeable lithium battery
    Battery life:  >6 hours
    Charging time: 2 hours, no memory effect
    Signals: Filter and battery alarm low



    Abrasives/Foundry/Metalworking, Construction/Renovation, Plant maintenance, Welding, Wood working, Working with fibreglass/minerals, Working with paper / glass



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    Cleanspace Range