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We are thrilled to present our latest accomplishment: an all-in-one head mounted PAPR, without hoses or belt mounted accessories, designed for environments with high risk of dust, fumes and mists. It is a revolutionary and innovative EN 12941:2009 solution which combines multiple product certifications and brings several improvements to the table when compared to the pre-existing KASCO range.

The e-TA blower unit, with built-in electronic board and lithium battery, gets mounted directly to the back of the helmet. The brushless motor guarantees three times the lifetime compared to the past. The electronic management system provides a constant air flow for the entire working time and allow the user to know when the battery is running out/the filter is clogged (visual led + acoustic alarm).

The helmet is so designed as to convey the filtered air in a more homogeneous way compared to pre-existing solutions, thus increasing the user comfort.

The helmet shell is certified according to the EN 397 standard for the industrial sector, while the visor shield complies with the EN 166 standard and is tested against particle impacts up to 120 m/s. These factors make the helmet suitable for heavy industry, narrow spaces and intense jobs of medium/long duration.

The helmet is available in two configurations: integral (KAIO) or “slim” (KAIOS). With the latter, the user can also wear noise canceling headphones at the same time.

In short: an high-end head mounted PAPR that meets the needs of demanding users in vast and different areas of application: from metallurgical industry to chemical industry, from powder coating to silica dust exposed environments.